10th of September 2019

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Zürich, Switzerland 


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MedBraid 2010 is a one day educational and networking event offering to industry expertise on critical topics to success in medical devices manufacturing and to ensure the safety of product for end-user. The seminar offers an opportunity for industry to understand the basics, interpretation, application & being update with recent changes on the standards. The seminar will cover issues related to manufacturing of products, microbiological contamination of product, clinical trial & sterilization.



The presentations taking place at MedBraid 2010 will be: 

  • Clinical evaluations and clinical trials for medical devices

  • EN ISO 11607(2006): Packaging for terminally sterilised medical devices

  • Microbiological Monitoring of Medical Devices and Clean Rooms – Importance and Approaches based on ISO 11737-1 and ISO 14698-1/-2 respectively

  • EN ISO 11607(2006) : Packaging for terminally sterilised medical devices

  • Water used in Medical Devices Manufacturing – European and US pharmacopeias”

  • “Method for prediction of ethylene oxide lethality and cycle development”

  • “Directive 2007/47 EC - Successful implementation of the key revisions to the medical device directives”

  • “US-FDA 510(k) submissions- Requirements and their practical implementation”

  • “Software Development Lifecycle (IEC 62304)”

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